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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

The products are sent from Europe or USA in discreet packaging.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. But there are some exceptions because of strict Customs. You can find the list HERE- Delivery info.

Will I receive my order?

Yes, we guarantee a safe delivery to your home. If the package gets lost or caught by the customs (which happens one time from thousand packages) we will resend the products. For more details check our section "delivery info."

Can you guarantee a discreet packaging?

All our products are packed without any description what is inside. Even your Postman wont know what is inside.

Do you reship orders?

Yes, in case you don't receive your order after 31 days from sending, or if the delivery is returned to us as undelivered, we will recheck your address and ship again (or use a different address).

What are your delivery times?

Preparing your order and package will take 3-14 days. We can't guarantee precise time of delivery since it's dependent on many factors (amount of orders, holidays, weather).
For precise delivery time check our section "delivery info."

How can I contact you?

Please use the CONTACT US section to ask us any question.
Because of safety we do not use any other communication. Especially not phone calls.

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods vary. Usual WU, MG, Zelle, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer , SEPA and more.

How do you ship the packages?

All packages are sent by registered mail or FEDEX from Europe or USA, depends from the ordered product.

What can I do if my package gets seized by customs?

If the customs seize your package (what happens in barely 1% of all cases), please follow these rules:

  • No need to worry, the receiver is NEVER responsible for any products received by the post
  • usual you will get a letter explaining that a delivery has been seized
  • You will be asked for explanation or the package will be destroyed. If you need to tell them more details just claim that the delivery is not yours and you don't know the receiver.
  • Please contact us, we will and we will re-send your order.

What steroids are best for me?

This is very difficult to answer since everyone desires different effects and does different sports.  If you're a beginner, please check out our articles which will help you decide.

Are steroids dangerous?

For precise answer. Please read this ARTICLE (real meaning about steroids) !

Are steroids legal?

There are too many jurisdictions and laws to answer this. Mostly steroids are legal, as long as you don't resell them and buy only for your personal use. There are some countries, where steroids are forbidden. Be sure to check your local laws..

Why did Roidsmaster not responded to my mail/order?

Many email clients using anti-SPAM programs. These programs usual blocking messages about anabolic steroids.
We ALWAYS respond to every mail/order we receive from our Customers.
If you do not received any message within 48hours, then probably your email client is blocked our message.

These are the email clients which blocking some our messages:

  • yahoo mail
  • icloud mail
  • sbcglobal mail

We recommend to use safe emails like tutanota, protonmail if ordering Steroids online, you will receive all messages !