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  • Caberpex 1mg (cabaser), SIXPEX

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  • Substance: Cabergoline
  • Active Dosage: 1mg/tablet
  • Form: 20 tablets x 1mg
  • Category: Oral
  • Classification: Dopamine Receptor Agonists
  • Half Life:  80 hours
  • Dosage: 0.25mg taken twice per week (1mg twice/week is the max. dose)
  • Acne: Perhaps
  • Water Retention: No
  • HBR: rarely
  • Aromatization: No
  • Hepatoxity: rarely
  • Alternative names: dostinex, cabaster, Galastop, Kelactin

Cabergoline is a dopamine agonist that helps reduce prolactin. In medicine, it is used to treat prolactinomas, a benign tumor of the pituitary gland that can cause an excess production of prolactin. It is also used by athletes who take anabolic steroids, such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

Cabergoline is a drug that was first developed in 1981 by the Italian drug manufacturer Farmitalia-Carlo Erba Spa. Later, Pharmacia bought the drug and it ended up with Pfizer in 2002.

Functions and Features

Cabergoline works by interacting with the D2 receptor, which makes prolactin less likely to be made in the body. Cabergoline is used to treat Parkinsons disease, hyperprolactinaemia, Cushings disease, and prolactinomas.

Cabergoline works by stopping the pituitary's lactotroph cells from making prolactin. It's a simple medicine that was discovered by accident while studying ergot alkaloids.


Cabergoline has many benefits for both medical and athletic purposes, as well as sexual benefits. Some steroids can make more prolactin in the body of athletes who use them. Having too much prolactin can cause gynecomastia in people who are sensitive to it. But more common is excess prolactin levels that lower the individual’s libido and more often lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) The ED issues that surround prolactin most often revolve around the anabolic steroids Trenbolone and Nandrolone. Nandrolone is the prolactin-related ED that has led to the common phrase "Deca Dick" and is why many people shy away from Nandrolone-based steroids. If someone can control their prolactin levels, they can avoid the dreaded "Deca Dick." Cabergoline can help with this problem.

Some athletes also use Cabergoline because they feel an adrenaline rush caused by an increase in dopamine. How effective this is, such data is not clear, but many athletes swear by it. The energy boost can also make it easier for someone to remember things and do more work without getting tired quickly. Some athletes also say that Cabergoline helps them stick to their strict diet because it makes them feel satisfied and reduces their cravings for "Bad Foods."

Cabergoline is also good for sleep. Many people who use 'Caber' say they sleep better and feel more relaxed. And then Caber's final positive effect is increased sex drive. When we have sex, specifically ejaculation, the individual's prolactin levels go up, which reduces his desire for sex. Taking Cabergoline and lowering serum prolactin levels can make us want to have sex faster. Sometimes we can do it repeatedly without rest or rest.

Side Effects

Cabergoline can cause an upset stomach, nausea, and stomach cramps. Caber is most commonly associated with stomach issues and can usually be avoided by taking it with food. Other side effects of Cabergoline include lowering prolactin too much because we need some prolactin in our body. This is the same as when you take an AI to reduce estrogen. Too much AI can lead to many symptoms. Low levels of prolactin can cause problems with sexual function, like ED and inability to have an orgasm. It can lead to women not being able to make breast milk. Depression and anxiety can happen in both men and women.

Cabergoline may cause other side effects, but these are not common.

Use with caution.

    Breathing too quickly.
    The swelling of the feet and ankles.
    Ability to Urinate Inability to Urinate
    Are you feeling lightheaded or passing out?
    Heavy Coughing
    You can lose weight quickly.

Possible side effects, but not as severe.

    The headache.
    Hot Flashes can be very uncomfortable.
    Mouth that is dry.
    Feeling sleepy.
    Feeling sick with nausea.
    Having indigestion and/or vomiting?


Cabergoline is most commonly found in oral tablet form but may be found in oral liquid form from research chemical companies. Most people find that 0.25mg twice a week is enough Caber, and 1mg twice a week is the maximum dose. 1mg twice per week is a big dose and more than most people will need. A high dose of Caber almost always leads to problems. If 0.25mg twice a week doesn't work, there are other areas in your life that need to be looked at. Cabergoline is best taken at the last meal of the day.

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Caberpex 1mg (cabaser), SIXPEX

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