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  • Substance: Liothyronine Sodium
  • Active Dosage: 25 mcg/tablet
  • Form: 100 tablets x 25 mcg
  • Category: Oral
  • Classification: Thyroid
  • Half Life: -
  • Dosage: 25-50 mcg/day
  • Acne: no
  • Water Retention: No
  • HBR: Yes
  • Aromatization: No
  • Hepatoxity: No
  • Alternative names: cytomel, tetroxin, triostat, t-3

Cytomel is the common brand name for the synthetic thyroid hormone Liothyronine Sodium. This is like the natural thyroid hormone called triiodothyronine, also called T3. Since the 1950s, people have been using thyroid hormones like T3 for healing since the 1890s. Early thyroid treatment plans were made up of pure animal extracts and T3 and T4 hormones. Extracted thyroid hormones were helpful for treating hypothyroidism. This is when the thyroid doesn't make enough thyroid hormones. This can make you gain weight, feel tired, lose hair, and make your skin look and feel different. Cytomel is a synthetic version of the T3 hormone that is safer and cleaner for these treatments.

Cytomel is not the only type of synthetic thyroid hormone available. The T4 hormone, Levothyroxine Sodium, is also called Synthroid. Both T3 and T4 are very similar, but T3 is thought to be 4-5 times more powerful than T4. The Cytomel version of T4 is more powerful than the other thyroid hormones. Both thyroid hormones can help with hypothyroidism, but Cytomel is preferred by athletes who want to do better. Cytomel is a popular anabolic steroid used to lose body fat.


Cytomel is a hormone in the thyroid that makes the body's metabolism faster. This hormone is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. When an individual doesn't make enough of this hormone on his own, such as when someone has hypothyroidism, the metabolism doesn't work properly. Hypothyroidism causes body fat gain and fat loss. Sometimes, people feel tired and even lose their hair. By taking Cytomel, your body gets the thyroid hormone it needs, and the problem is solved.

It usually only takes a small amount of Cytomel to treat hypothyroidism. This should return the metabolism back to normal working order. But many athletes who want to do better at their sport use Cytomel to actually lose fat faster. Using Cytomel with a calorie-restricted diet will help you lose fat quickly. This type of use is usually not recommended without the use of anabolic steroids. This is one of the most powerful fat loss tools we have, but it's not perfect. Many athletes say taking Cytomel makes them feel tired, which is not surprising. Cytomel needs raw ATP to work. Because higher doses are needed to promote fat loss and ATP is depleted, this can cause lean tissue loss. The body will get whatever it needs to meet its energy needs. For this reason, an anabolic protectant is usually recommended when taking Cytomel.


Cytomel works the same way whether you use it to treat hypothyroidism or lose weight in a performance setting. Both times, the hormone works exactly like the T3 hormone. Both individuals should be able to lose weight. The person with hypothyroidism should have a faster metabolism, which will help them lose weight. This is often welcomed because the person probably put on a lot of weight because of the thyroid disorder. For people who want to lose weight, fat loss is just accelerated.

No matter why you use Cytomel, you still need to eat healthy food. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than what you eat. If you eat more than you burn, all the Cytomel in the world won't help. But in a performance setting with an individual who already produces enough T3, he may find he can keep his total caloric intake a little higher than he would without it and still lose weight. Cytomel use has increased the rate at which calories are burned.

Some people have also found that Cytomel can be helpful when taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Some studies have shown that using too much HGH can make natural T3 production less efficient. We can't say that Cytomel supplementation is necessary, but it does seem to have some validity. However, if someone uses Cytomel and HGH in a fat loss plan, they will lose more body fat faster. This is because HGH has a lot of metabolic improvement properties. If the person takes a beta-2 stimulant like Clenbuterol, he will be able to burn fat.

Cytomel makes you gain weight. Some people think that Cytomel is anabolic because it makes anabolic steroids work harder. The idea is that anabolic steroids help carbohydrates, fats, and proteins work better, and Cytomel helps these nutrients work better. If they work together, it could make the whole body better. Some athletes think this theory is true, but it doesn't have a lot of solid credibility. Most people will find they should only use Cytomel for its intended purpose.

Side Effects

Cytomel is a hormone that most healthy adults can handle well, even if they have hypothyroidism. Cytomel side effects are most often caused by high doses of the hormone. Cytomel can cause side effects like:

    The headache.
    Eating too much.
    A heartbeat that is not regular.
    Increased bowel movement
    Irregular menses

High doses of the T3 hormone can also lead to problems. Cytomel can cause some side effects in this group.

    Angina is a common problem.
    A heart condition called congestive heart failure.
    Hyperthyroidism is a form of hyperthyroidism.

Generally speaking, Cytomel is a safe medicine for the thyroid. But if you use too much of it for a long time, it can cause serious health problems.

Cytomel can cause hypothyroidism. Many people are scared of using this hormone because they think it could cause hypothyroidism. The idea is that once you stop using it, your body won't make enough of its own T3 and you'll gain fat. While it is possible to become dependent, this is unlikely with proper use. Proper use involves more than just how much we use and how long we use it for. Use should not be abruptly stopped. Instead, the person should take a maintenance dose for a short time to let his thyroid reset. For the healthy individual who has not used Cytomel, recovery should not be a problem.


Cytomel doses will usually start at 25mcg per day for the purpose of treating hypothyroidism. After a couple weeks of use, levels are checked again and the dose may be increased by 25mcg. The dose may be increased to 75mcg per day again two weeks later until a comfortable maintenance level dose is found. It's best to take 25-75 mg per day, but most people think 25-50 mg is enough. The entire daily dose can be taken once per day.

When performing, Cytomel doses will be similar to hypothyroidism treatment plans. The individual will start with 25mcg per day and increase the total dose every 2-4 weeks as needed. Most people won't need to take more than 75-100 mg per day, but 125 mg per day is okay for short periods of time. A high dose might be okay at the end of a tough contest diet, but it shouldn't be a regular dose for the rest of the diet. For how long you can use it, it's best to use it for 6-8 weeks. You can take longer, like 8-12 weeks, but it might make you dependent on your thyroid. Many healthy adults shouldn't have a problem. You are encouraged to drop the dose down to 25mcg per day and hold at that dose for 7-10 days. This will help your body adjust and keep you from becoming too low in thyroid hormone. A 7-10 day low dose is important.

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