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  • Substance: Methandienone
  • Active Dosage: 50mg/tablet
  • Form: 50 tablets x 50mg
  • Category: Oral
  • Classification: Anabolic Steroid
  • Half Life: 5-6 hours
  • Dosage: men 20-50 mg/day
  • Acne: Yes
  • Water Retention: High
  • HBR: Yes
  • Aromatization: High
  • Hepatoxity: Yes
  • Alternative names:  dbol, D-bol, danabol, dianabol, methandienone

Dianabol is a drug that you take by mouth and it's made (derived) from testosterone. Even though Dbol is based on the testosterone hormone, its effects are much stronger than those of testosterone. Dianabol is designed to have a lower androgenic activity than testosterone, with an androgenic rating of around 60, while having a much higher anabolic effect that can potentially be twice as strong as testosterone.

Dianabol is a steroid that can be taken orally. This means it goes through the liver and starts to work faster than most injectables. Dianabol works like testosterone does, but it does it more strongly. These steps are important for how Dianabol works and why we like using it.

    Making protein.
    Retention of nitrogen.
    Glycogenolysis is the process of breaking down sugar molecules.

Many people know about Dianabol's ability to convert glycogen into glucose, which is important for muscle energy.

When you’re training hard, glycogenolysis is important for ATP production. Your body uses ATP to make the muscles work harder. Lifting weights at your maximum intensity depletes your ATP stores.

With Dianabol's ability to increase glycogenolysis, you're able to continue with muscle contractions, which means you can lift for longer. When you add in increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, it's clear why Dianabol is such a powerful steroid.


Dianabols big benefits center around strength and mass. We use Dbol because of this. Dianabol isn’t slow and steady. It's all about getting big quickly. Dianabol will give you the following benefits and effects:

Gains in mass

Everyone uses Dianabol to gain mass quickly and easily. You know that Dianabol will work quickly and can be used for only four weeks. You can gain weight quickly with Dianabol, but be careful because some of the weight you gain will be water.

If you use Dbol, remember that some of the weight you gain will be muscle. You want to keep this muscle after your workout. If you lose water, you will lose weight overall.

Gains in strength.

Dbol is one of the best AAS for building strength. You will see strength gains in the first two or three days. On your first Dbol cycle, it's easy to break personal records. You'll feel really strong because you can lift more weight.

Recovery quickly

With Dbol's effects on protein synthesis, you can expect your regular recovery times to be half or even better, which will get you back to training sooner with less downtime.
Pumps and Fullness Pumps.

Dianabol users will get some great results. Some of us have trouble with back pumps, especially when we use more than usual. It’s a great sign that your Dbol is working well, and it feels great.

The bones and joints

Dbol can repair and strengthen joints, which is a less well-known benefit. With the increased weight you’ll be lifting, you’ll need this to help you recover faster. But if water retention becomes too much, this can hurt joints, and you'll lose out on this advantage of Dianabol.


Dianabol is an AAS that can't be changed. Even an increase of 5mg daily can make your side effects difficult to manage.

I always say that it's worth sacrificing a few pounds to get those side effects under control with a lower dose. Some men find 40-50mg to be the best balance.

Dianabol is no longer used as medicine because it is toxic to the liver. Dosages for men were usually 10mg per day, and women were sometimes given 2.5mg per day. Here's a general guide to Dianabol bodybuilding doses for different levels:

Beginner dosage:

Even though it's a powerful AAS, beginner steroid users can usually tolerate it well at lower doses, and 15 mg can give excellent results. A 15mg daily dose of Dbol will give you a great introduction to this steroid.

Intermediate dosage:

The muscle and strength gains will start coming on thick and fast at 30mg daily. Yes, other sides will also increase at this level, but most men can handle 30mg of Dbol well.

Advanced dosage:

Many of us will take 50mg of Dianabol per day, but some will take 75mg or even 100mg per day. That is a lot of Dbol, and you can expect a lot of water retention and high blood pressure and liver toxicity. This blasting would not want to be done for more than a few weeks.

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