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What is Ipamorelin?

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  • 16 January, 2024
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It is a revolutionary drug in every way and is one of the first in the class of drugs that promote the secretion of ghrelin and human growth hormone (HGH). It is a peptide and not a steroid. It means that it contains a chain of amino acids. Most regulating hormones are peptides; thus, no surprise that ipamorelin is also a peptide.

Most people know the benefits of HGH. It is a powerful way of building muscles. Moreover, HGH combines well with steroids, too, due to very different mechanisms of action. But that is not all, as growth hormone has an antiaging effect; thus, it is especially good for older athletes or bodybuilders.

HGH is also suitable for boosting metabolism, improving bone strength, and stimulating various other body functions.

However, using HGH at higher dosages causes many side effects like overgrowth of bones, acromegaly, increased risk of diabetes, an even greater risk of certain cancers. Moreover, taking synthetic HGH may reduce its product from the pituitary gland due to negative feedback.

However, ipamorelin is quite different. It increases the natural production of HGH. It means that despite a considerable increase in HGH levels, it remains within the safer limits. It is because pituitary glands would never secrete HGH at extremely high levels.

In practice, it means that ipamorelin is one of the safest known ways to increase HGH levels. It is highly safe for prolonged use and perfect for combining with steroids.

But that is not all. As already mentioned, that it also promotes the secretion of ghrelin. In the bodybuilding world, it is not a very well-known hormone. However, it is pretty good for bulking or increasing muscle mass.

Ghrelin is often called the “hunger hormone,” it considerably boosts appetite, something that is much needed during bulking. It means that ghrelin promotes high-calorie intake. It also stimulates gastric motility and increases gastric secretions and, thus, digestive processes.

What is good is that ghrelin also has some neurological effects. It improves mood, enhances taste sensation, it may also boost memory and learning. It also improves glucose metabolism and thus increasing energy levels.

Thus, ipamorelin has the benefits of two worlds. It has all the benefits of HGH but is much safer, and it also comes with the benefits of ghrelin.

Ipamorelin can be taken orally or as an injectable. However, the oral dosage has a low bioavailability, something that is expected from a peptide, as it is difficult to absorb and undergo first-pass metabolism. However, even at a low bioavailability, its oral dose is quite effective.

In recent years, peptides like ipamorelin are gaining considerable popularity as a safe alternative to steroids. Moreover, what is good about it is that it is equally suitable for both genders. Finally, unlike steroids, it does not cause virility.

Fortunately, research into peptides that can boost ghrelin and HGH levels has been increasing in recent years. Thus, it is one of the fast-growing fields. Further, what is good is that various peptides work slightly differently, which means that they have synergistic action and are good to combine.

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